Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Family Constellation Within Us

Within each one of us is a family constellation, mother, father, and child.  We are all members of our own family, and when the members are communicating with each other, respecting each other and loving each other, we are free to love ourselves.  The father in us protects and provides, the mother in us nurtures and creates, and the child (the integration of the parents) accepts, forgives and loves unconditionally.   Some believe that an imbalance in our father/mother aspects is what creates duality, or opposition in our lives.  Because each opposing side has the seed of the other side (sickness the seed of health, hate the seed of love, sorrow the seed of joy), finding ourselves in opposition is simply a reflection of this imbalance, and an invitation to restore balance by recognizing both aspects within us equally, thus giving birth to the child, and unconditionality (nonduality).

With the divine feminine and masculine in balance, the human self becomes and feels healed, whole, and complete.  The harmonized human is one who has integrated, feels, and experiences the divine aspects of its true identity --- that of its attached divine, eternal, God-created soul with its Spark of God Within --- into its human self. 

Our physical bodies reflect this model with our right and left polarity physiology.  Several holistic medical models across the globe that are widely used today are based on the interplay of polarity.  Left and right brain function,  Polarity TherapyAcupuncture, Naturopathy and the Chiropractic premise of Innate intelligence are just a few.  In the Shamanic tradition, the archetypal wisdom of the inner landscape is paramount to understanding the wisdom of the soul. For when we begin to conceptualize the inner marriage of the masculine and feminine within, we begin to work in concert with the energetic laws of nature. What emerges is the essence of our true harmony, which, in the Shamanic tradition, mirrors where our personality (male) is in relationship to our soul’s (female) journey.

Why is it important for us to consider these things?  Now more than ever we are barraged with stressors and data that distract us, confuse us, outrage us and pull us off balance.  We have a struggling global economy, constantly changing technology, and medical and scientific paradigms shifting in ways that challenge everything we have ever been taught.  These worldly influences change our workplace, our family dynamics, our relationships, our daily routines and our ability to think and feel our way through our days.  Taking the time to contemplate the depth and simplicity of our own inner nature can be a spontaneous life changer.

Joseph Campbell tells us:  “A ritual is the enactment of a myth. And, by participating in the ritual, you are participating in the myth. And since myth is a projection of the depth wisdom of the psyche, by participating in a ritual, participating in the myth, you are being, as it were, put in accord with that wisdom, which is the wisdom that is inherent within you anyhow. Your consciousness is being re-minded of the wisdom of your own life.” Consider the Osiris/Isis/Horus within you.  If you look, the father/mother/child constellation can be found in every mythological tradition.  But the best place to find it is within you. Create your own myth of reconciling opposites and creating trinity. 

What do YOU think?
Artwork by Sacha.  Many thanks.


Mills said...

Its all a Myth. Why try to dispell a Myth with proofs, when it is self-evident that it is a Myth ?

Everything is created thru our beliefs, and our beliefs are based upon nothing, judgements.

Nothingness is the basis for everything, and Oneness is the ultimate being,
which requires no reality to be anything but itself.

The deeper you go into your beliefs and the worlds beliefs, the more problems you cause yourself.

There is no need to balance anything, if you dont unbalance it, by applying beliefs that dont exist.

There is only Iam, nothing else. Every Iam is identical to itself.

Only in observing and measuring is anything different, and that is an illusion.

Everything exists now, within a single point of self, mother, father, child, god, the universe.
Since everything exists within, there is no need to go outside, to find anything.

Since there is no difference, there can be no contention, no argument, no stress, no opposites.
Anything outward is merely Iam struggling with the Illusion of Outwardness and Self.

Edward said...

Thanks Molly. This is something that I've been trying to explain for a while, now. This is the allusion in the Bible story where Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.Their eyes were opened and they came to know the difference between the two.
Wherefore, they were expelled from the garden so that they could not eat from the tree of life and live in their error. The same is held to be true with the four letter name of God from the Hebrew traditions, YHVH, tetragrammaton, two male and two female letters of their alphabet. Father, Mother, Child, and the balanced heart of the humans constitutes the Bride. This is the knowledge that Jesus taught to his disciples. So he said, "I have taught them thy name". Since men had no knowledge in dealing with the ancient scripts, they ran with literal interpretations into misconceptions, and misdirections. The Knowledge remains in tact even from the days of Nimrod. It is a correct application thereof that will prove to be the healing for the world.
Also, Molly, if you are still interested in writing, then I would have tons of information held secret since the days of old; ancient knowledge that was not shared even when it was understood to the extents that it has been understood. Spiritual evolution, ascension, or resurrection. This is what's going on right before our eyes. If I could express myself as well as you, then it could be made plain. The world could be a much better place to exist. Blessings to you all!

Dan said...

I think the concepts of which you speak here can be applied almost anywhere. It is heartening to see more medical professionals beginning to take such ideas seriously. Far too often, "traditional medicine" or "alternative medicine" have been treated like dirty words in the medical community.

Health is essentially balance. This is true within us at the soul level, at the physical level, and even in the realm of society and the wider world. Society will be much more healthy when the feminine and the masculine are truly honored in equal measure.

Ben said...

The male in us men is often loud, argumentative and usually unsatisfied about much unless there is some sought of fight involved. The feminine side of us males is more gentle, thoughtful, and is less interested in arguments and fighting. The feminine side is more in harmony and more at peace with existence. Meditation helps a man to be introduced to the feminine side of himself, we eventually find that our inner worlds need to be approached with this feminine type softness. The more we delve into this softness or the more it becomes a part or the main theme of our meditations and of life the more we feel in harmony with existence.

The child side of ourselves gives us the innocence to see life as a game and to love all of it's aspects even if we get angry with some of these aspects, the child within us easily forgives and just moves on to the next experience. We as adults must move back to this childlike state if we are to experience inner peace on a regular to constant basis. It is the innocence of the child and the ability to forgive easily that the mature Soul sees as beneficial to the advancement of itself on it's journey home.

The harmonized male in us males is in harmony with the qualities of courage, such as speaking from the heart and not from anger or fear. He is fearless in the meaning of being without fear, not meaning being aggressive but just being without fear and being without fear is being without anger. He will say and do what needs to be said in a peaceful non- evasive manner and at rare times will unsheathe the sword when needed but because of his harmony with existence the sword remains unsheathed most of the time. This harmony is an inner strength or gentleness which in a way is a sword in itself, the harmonized male has the ability to walk the eye of the tornado.

I have something here Osho wrote about the feminine side of life, I saved this at a time in my life where I found it very helpful, a time when I was becoming aware of how being an angry male was holding me back, an angry male who didn't know that he was angry for a very long time and also denied anything to do with fear within himself. I look and see that this is where many of us are now at and for some the next stage of the journey is gradually presenting itself to them so as they can eventually move beyond it. To me it is all about the beyond. The beyond is where the light shines. Where is the sun when we first see it in the morning, beyond the horizon. Where is the moon when we first see it at evening, beyond the horizon. Move beyond and see the light.

Consider these words of Osho; The whole art is how to function from the feminine part of the mind - because the feminine is joined with the whole. The male is aggressive, the male is constantly in struggle - the feminine is constantly in surrender - a man is constantly fighting, angry, doing this and that, trying to prove something, trying to reach somewhere.
Osho goes onto say; Look a little deeper and just underneath your logic you will find fresh waters of intuition, fresh waters of trust, flowing.

Change more and more towards the right hemisphere, become more and more feminine, more and more loving, surrendering, trusting, more and more close to the whole. Don't try to be an island - be part of the continent. Osho

Having said all this it pays to keep in mind that our unharmonized maleness doesn't leave overnight, the fear and anger returns again and again but with awareness, meditaveness, our inner and outer guidance will lead us to the beyond. And each time this happens we get a little stronger, a little more accepting of ourselves. A little more in harmony with existence.

Nabil said...

In addition to the holistic medical books that you mentioned, there are many other sources that describe what you wrote. This is proof of its great value.
The famous psychologist Carl Jung, wrote about Collective Consciousnesses that we are connected to. The popular self-help book, Game Playing, describes the father/mother/son personalities that can be found in any conflict facing an individual. The Christian Bible says that Adam and Eve were joined as one. The New Testament describes a similar idea with the Trinity of Father/Son/Holy Spirit. The Muslim holy book, the Koran, says that hurting any human being is like hurting all of humanity. The Jewish religion teaches that there is nothing new under the sun. The Aborigines of Australia believe that there is a dream world that connects all people. Eastern religions teach that all is part of Maya, or the illusion. Others describe the origin as the Father/Mother. Even science says that all things are made of the same stuff, yet all things seem to begin with a dual nature, like Particle/Wave. A particle can decay into Particle, Anti-particle and energy in the form of photons or a third particle. And Left spin combining with Right spin to create a new particle that may or may not have spin. Also positive together with negative to create atoms.

This comes to mind with simple reflection. Imagine if we actually research the subject.