Monday, July 24, 2017

Osho: Root Your Love in Being

What do YOU think?


David said...

I like the analogy he makes between emotion and drunkenness.

At one point he says, "Love has to be an expression of your being, not an emotion. Emotion is very fragile, very [changeable]."

And then emotions can wash in like tidal waves and drown love out.

I think it's a good way to look at it.

Rich said...

Wasn't he really saying that we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by emotions and that it doesn't have to be that way?

Doug said...

Excellent message! I have recently(in the past five years)come to the
conclusion that love need not be emotional or directed by emotion but
rather a conscious choice and rooted in awareness of ourselves. It's
hard to separate our love from our emotions and it is true what he
says that few people come to view it like this. I still get drunk

Vam said...

You are classical Byronic character, Doug ... the Don Juan ! It's great
learning, far far better than what the the constipated moralists have

Jennifer said...

I was shocked at how distinctly "Masculine" this path is. I never noticed that about him before. A few times he described "problems" with emotions which are actually part of the solution if you're taking a "Feminine" path. Such as emotions "overwhelming you" or "leaving you empty". Both of those are part of the solution if you handle them skillfully.

OSHO has a great vibe, and some wonderful stories. I've never actually experienced disagreeing with him before. It was kinda funny.

Molly Brogan said...

You make an interesting distinction between masculine and feminine emotional personalities. I think OSHO's point was that any emotional personality, or anyone that allows themselves to be overwhelmed by emotion by being emotionally immature-- by not learning the process of getting to the root of emotion and letting go of all the past constructs - whether masculine of feminine, unless a person is able to purify emotion to its root and ground that root in being - that person will be unable to feel true emotion or experience it in present awareness.

I will agree that OSHO himself has an edgy presentation, one that I often find in modern mystics. The OSHO Foundation just posted 1100 you tube videos and many of them get to the heart of one of his teachings in 10 or so minutes. I think they have done an admirable job making this information available in this format.

Greg said...

Your title should be - Love is the root of your Being

It is unconditional.