Thursday, November 22, 2007

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Gratitude

". . . the pang of affection & gratitude is the Gift of God for good. I am thankful that I feel it; it draws the soul towards Eternal life & conjunction with Spirits of just men made perfect by love & gratitude, the two angels who stand at heaven's gate ever open, ever inviting guests to the marriage. O foolish Philosophy! Gratitude is Heaven itself; there could be no heaven without Gratitude. I feel it & I know it. I thank God & Man for it . . ." William Blake

The United States of America is today celebrating Thanksgiving as the one day of the year that we are encouraged to look inward at all the blessings in our lives, and give thanks for what we appreciate. I think that as global consciousness emerges, the awareness of gratitude as a powerful attitude of spirit, that contributes to emotional integrity and happiness in life, occurs more and more. Sacred space is created by complete honesty, appreciation and psychological safety. Gratitude plays an important part in our unfolding, this day and every day.

The GO GRATITUDE experiment that began in 2005 offers a model for making gratitude a habit. As of 3/14/07, 972,343 people have watched the GoGratitude Flash movie and 178,539 people from all walks of life and from 153 countries have joined the Gratitude Experiment since its launch on Nov 21, 2005. A wave of gratitude sweeps the globe. How refreshing.

I would like to express gratitude for my friend, Chris Bernard, and his vision of love and support. Thanks too, to all my friends, readers and family that fill my life with light and love. So many thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.


kab625 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and God Bless Molly. Peace.

Daily Spirit said...

Aaahhh...I was thinking of this VERY topic today and yesterday. I was thinking about the *things* in my mind that are starting to manifest...little stuff, like putting aside 25.00 for an oil change and it comes out 25.17...bunches of stuff like that, lately :)
I did this whole gratitude thing (the symbol on the right)...was GOOD!
Then, I smile like a DORK as I sing along w/ Mary Mary's, "Lord, I'm thankful for my blessings..."

Derek said...

A refreshing post indeed, especially the truth of gratitude. Thanksgiving is not celebrated here in the U.K., it would be great if it was. Experiencing a state of gratitude is a one of the finest stress-management systems available. So simple, if we would all make the effort. :-)