Thursday, November 15, 2007

Global Consciousness

Most of us can feel the interconnectedness of life to some degree. To be sure, we all possess varying degrees of awareness of the "soul of humanity." How do you feel this connection and how does it effect your life?

I believe that each of our souls evolves, and every group that we participate in forms an evolving soul that together, comprise the soul of humanity. As we are involved and evolve, so does the soul of humanity.

Rudolph Steiner suggested that both East and West traditions expressed something along the same lines: "To Arjuna, Krishna says 'Thou must be so and so, thou must do this or that, then wilt thou rise stage by stage in thy soul-life.' To his Corinthians St. Paul says: 'One of you has this gift, another that, a third another; and if these work harmoniously together, as do the members of the human body, the result is spiritually a whole which can spiritually be permeated with the Christ.'...What the soul is to become, the destiny of the soul, how throughout the whole evolution of mankind it evolves in manifold ways, concerning all this St. Paul gives us quite definite and profound conclusions." What do YOU think?


kab625 said...

Hi Molly,
Yes, I believe in a cosmic consciousness, awareness and interconnectedness. I believe it's very powerful also. I think that's one reason large gatherings are powerful, a key point often missed when deciding not to go to church. I don't think it matters what church at all, as long as the experience is positive and for good. Just become a part of the whole and you will find others who you probably "recognize".
I can't believe all that came out of my fingertips! You know this is hard for me.

Willem van Goisan said...

Dear Molly!
I get some problems when it comes to the term 'our souls evolve' because that makes it look like that our souls would do stuff 'by themselves' without our responsibility / possibility to make decisions. According to the faiths of karma, but also judasim, christian and muslim faiths,it's OUR decisions that 'build our ways to heaven'.
I do really like your postings on these subjects. Right now I'm starting to make a collection of bookmarks on sites and blogs who do cover this 'consciousness' topic. Do you have a collection allready maybe?
Greetings from a cold snowy Austria!

Molly Brogan said...

Greetings to Austria and everywhere. We have all known people who are ruled by their egos. This can present some real problems with character. Like the ego, the soul has functions that are integral to our being. I believe it is the vessel for our eternal identity (karma) and serves as intermediary between spirit and our mind and bodies. When we are feeling spiritual, we are feeling soul awareness until such time as we can let go of "cause" or karmic debt, and our body, mind and spirit can act in a more highly integrated fashion with the soul. We then feel peace and harmony with ourselves and the world. Some believe that the soul of humanity will make this leap in 2012! We can choose to listen to what our soul communicates to us, and follow the path of spirit, thereby "building our way to heaven." Divine will leads the way in this scenario.

Daily Spirit said...

The more I hear about your thoughts on, "Global Consciousness," the more I *think* I might understand it!

I think that I'm not *supposed* to totally get it, yet. Every time you and I *talk* about it and/or I read what you've written a small piece drops into place. I think that I'm supposed to evolve in a certain way as I/we progress?

Thanks, Lady!

kab625 said...

So Molly? Are we "globally" creating a false reality?

Molly Brogan said...

From a relative viewpoint we see true or false. In the position of absolute truth, all viewpoints are of value. We all maintain positions of absolute and relative truth, sometimes holding both in integration, sometimes bouncing back and forth between the two. I don't feel this to be a function of soul, but of conscious mind. At the level of soul, we connect with all others through the soul of humanity. Here are the basic human "truths" that we all share, and that come into our awareness as we raise our consciousness. We apply them through our own viewpoints of relative truth. This is an excellent question. Thanks for asking.

kab625 said...

But we're so influenced by external input. That changes our perception of reality. We react enmass as a result of those influences to the detriment of the soul of humanity. Or, so it seems, especially of late. Somehow, and this is my perspective because I'm a Nurse, we've lost our connection. The result is that we're sick. The planet is sick and only a new awareness is going to provide a cure.
So...our souls connect, but we're not doing that consciously.
Or...something, because, once again, these things come to the keyboard, spawned by your provocation!! (lol).

Molly Brogan said...

I love the way that you answer your own inquiry in a post. Have you considered journaling? You so clearly see that our perceptions can change if we have the wisdom to recognize spirit in the mirror of our external experience. On this level of life we connect our relative viewpoint to the absolute, so that influence to the "detriment" (a relative judgment) is not a factor. When we are positioned in absolute truth, divine will allows that all is in perfect order. As we fully embrace an integrated perspective of relative and absolute truth together, our perspectives of "sickness" change. I can feel, in my heart, how difficult it must be to maintain this connection in a medical setting day to day. And yet, where is an anchor for the soul of humanity and divine will more needed? I think YOU are the angel, bringing spirit where it is so needed! Thanks for your insights. Molly

Derek said...

As a Zen practitioner, I aspire to realize that I am at one with all there is. There have been glimpses of this from time to time. A powerful koan (intense question) I have used in zazen (Zen meditation)is "why do I separate myself?" The answer can be realized in the question. :-) Interesting blog... :-)