Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Oneness and the Separation

We all feel that we are unique individuals, and at the same time can feel that thread of connection that allows us to feel the oneness of life. How is this duality important in your life? I think that if we can embrace the oneness (or the god within us) and the sacredness of all others, we can see others as a reflection of ourselves unfolding. This can give us clues, like signposts to our own spiritual path.

According to Greg Braden, there are Seven Mirrors in the Essene Mystery of Relationship. These mirrors are:
1)who we are in the moment;
2)What we judge in the moment;
3)what has been lost, given away or taken away;
4)our most forgotten love;
5)our relationship with God;
6)our dark night of the soul;
7)our perfection.
According to this belief, our experience becomes a vibrational mirror that reflects one or some combination of mirrored patterns in others. Recognizing the wisdom of the mirror accelerates our evolution of emotion and understanding. God speaks to us and guides us through the universal law of vibration and our experience unfolds according to divine will. What do YOU think?


kab625 said...

That would solve the mystery of why we are drawn to certain others. Over and over again I find mutual acquaintances, those who never really leave my life, that is, seem to reappear for a purpose. Once a connection is made with someone else, and you really look at what that connection is, you can find that we all intertwine for the purpose of spiritual growth. But you really have to look and sort through.
It also supports the belief that it's a waste of time to surround yourself with negativity, or "evil" and with situations or people who seem to drain positivity from your life.

Daily Spirit said...

*I* wonder if this relates to the fact that SO MANY TIMES, I go into a public place and see so many familiar faces, but I've never (physically, anyway) met these people before?

deb said...

I connected with this post very much Molly. Thank you for the gift today! See you soon.